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Customer Portal FAQs

Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding the Customer Portal.


Registering & Logging In

How do I sign in to the My Account section on the CTOS website? 

Navigate to the customtruck.com website. Click on the [LOG IN / REGISTER] link on the top left header bar.  

Registered customers/ users can enter their [Email Address] and [Password] and [Sign In] or alternatively, sign in with their [Connect with Google] account. 

If you are a non-registered customer or new (guest) user, click on the [Sign up now] link and complete the sign-up registration form.  

PLEASE NOTE: Reports will not be visible to new users at first, as their accounts will need to be validated and their user permissions levels authorized and configured. If reports are still not showing after 48 hours from signing up, please email us at info@customtruck.com 


Rental Request 

I submitted my rental request; now what? 

Your request is submitted directly to our rental team to work on, and an assigned rental coordinator will contact you ASAP (within 24 hours & during normal business hours) to discuss your rental request options. 



How do I access our account reports? 

Users will be required to sign into their accounts to access their reports. Once you are signed in, navigate to the MY ACCOUNT tab located on the top left bar of the Custom Truck website and select the report/s you wish to view.  

How do I view or access additional reports? 

For the initial phase, a limited number of reports will be available in the MY ACCOUNT section of the site - additional reports will be added in subsequent phases. 

Furthermore, based on your assigned permission levels, certain reports may not be available to all signed-in users. If you feel your permission levels need to be re-assessed, please contact your manager and have them contact a CTOS account representative. 

How do I save a filtered report and/or schedule an emailed report? 

The user is able to save a customized filtered report and then schedule the date and frequency of a report for both a standard or customized report and have it emailed to their or any other authorized user email inbox. For additional information on this feature, refer to the "How do I schedule a report" article for addition information.

What filtering, parameters & sorting options do the reports offer? 

Reports can be filtered by multiple filter options, such as Job #, Contract # or PO #, etc., with calendar date parameters and additional ascending or descending alphabetical or numerical column sorting. 

Am I able to download or print a report? 

Yes, all reports can be downloaded in XLS format or printed by clicking on the corresponding icon displayed above the report. For additional information on this feature, refer to the "How do I view my reports" article for additional information.

Is it safe to email the report to me or forward it to an authorized user?  

Yes, it is safe to have a report emailed to you or any authorized user. Due to the sensitive nature of the information provided in these reports, we do not attach any report documents to a scheduled report email; instead, we provide a hyperlink in the body of the email, where the user would be prompted to enter their authenticated credentials when clicking on the hyperlink to gain access to the report.  


Tax Exemption

I am tax-exempt. What do I need to do?

You need to email your tax exemption documents to credit@customtruck.com. If you are placing an order online, please pay attention to the taxes and do not submit the order if we show you owe taxes. Contact the credit team as soon as possible.