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How do I submit a Rental Quote Request?

Submitting a Rental Quote Request is a streamlined process. The user simply adds one or more products from our comprehensive rental catalog to their cart, submits the request, and a rental specialist contacts them ASAP during business hours.

If you are a registered user, please log in by clicking on the [LOG IN/REGISTER] tab on the top left of the header to display you contract rates. 

After searching for your rental equipment (ref. "How do I search for products"), the user then adds as many pieces of equipment, attachments or tools to their rental request cart by clicking on the [+ADD TO CART] icon button on the search result tile or the [+ADD TO REQUEST] button on the product detail page. The amount of units added to the cart is also reflected on the [RENTAL REQUEST CART] icon on the top right of the header bar.

Add to Cart 3Once the item/s have been added to your rental request cart, the user is able to to proceed to the rental request submit page by clicking on the [RENTAL REQUEST CART] icon. This will display a [RENTAL DATES] section, where the user can enter in a rental period start [From] date, as well as the amount of months [1-99] that the user is interested in renting the equipment for. The user also has the options to adjust the quantity of the products in their cart by clicking on the [+] or [-] icons, or additionally deleting the product by clicking on the [x] on the bottom left hand corner of the image.

Add to Cart 4

If your selected equipment has an attachment or a tool kit that is associated with it, a message will appear at the bottom of your rental request cart, prompting you to check the box if you would like to [ADD THESE ITEMS TO YOUR RENTAL REQUEST]. Once you have finalized the the above request, click on the [CONTINUE] button to complete your request. Additionally, you click on the [OR KEEP BOWSING] if you wish to add additional items to your cart.

Clicking on [CONTINUE] will bring the user to the final page of completing and submitting the request for additional information on their selection of rental equipment. This final page includes: 

A [LOG IN / REGISTER] or [CONTINUE AS A GUEST] page. If a registered user has not logged in by clicking on the [LOG IN / REGISTER] tab in the top left hand corner of the header, they now have the ability to do so here. If they are not a registered user, they can continue as a guest.


Both a Registered User or a Guest User will be presented with the same final checkout page, with the difference being, the registered user will have some of their contact information pre-populated, as well as their contract rates displayed, while Guest Users will not.

Confirm Contact Information - All these fields are required. Registered users with a pre-populated name, last name and email address field, will not be able to change these three fields. The remaining fields - Company Address, Job Location, Telephone and Company (Name) are all required, and must be manually added.

Pick Up / Delivery - These fields are currently optional, but recommended. The user has the option to select the [I''ll pick it up myself] or the [Deliver to an address] radio button. On the pick-up option the user is able to choose from one of many preferred CTOS pick-up locations. On the delivery option, the user is prompted to enter in a delivery location - this option also includes address auto-complete suggestions when the address is entered. The location will also be displayed on the map below.


Rental Dates - the [From] and the [Rental Period (Months)] should be pre-populated from the cart page, if not, this would be an opportunity to fill them in or adjust them if needed.

Equipment and Quantity and Added Items - All this info is also carried over from the cart page, but another opportunity to make adjustments if required.

SUBMIT REQUEST - Finally, the user will click on the [SUBMIT REQUEST] button to submit a Rental Request to the CTOS Rental Team. 

We appreciate your business. One of our Rental Team Representatives will respond to your request ASAP during business hours. Please verify your contact details are correct to help expedite the process. Thank you!