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How do I search for products?

Our rental portal offers several ways to search for a specific product or group of products - from a search bar, navigational hierarchy categories, to filters that will further refine the desired search results.

There are several options a user can search for a product in the rental portal.

Search Bar - The [SEARCH BAR] is located in the header of the customtruck.com website and is a great tool when searching for a specific keyword, such as "100 foot bucket", "ATV", etc. When using this search feature, it is best to be as specific as possible and use the least amount of keywords as possible. Searching for a "100-foot bucket" will display an assortment of CTOS site search result for new, used, and rental equipment, as well blog related posts and other articles related to "100-foot bucket" trucks.

Popular Search - This is displayed on the homepage of the customtruck.com website. The [POPULAR RENTAL EQUIPMENT] tile on this page will display the rental categories from past behavioral patterns - i.e., the more you visit a certain rental equipment category, it will add it to your top most visited eight categories on this tile. At the bottom of the [POPULAR RENTAL EQUIPMENT] search tile, the user also has the option to select, [SEE ALL CATEGORIES], which is covered in more detail in the following Search option - Hierarchy Search by Categories.

Search Screenshot

Category Search - Once the user clicks on [SEE ALL CATEGORIES] tab on the Popular Rental Equipment search tile, all current level-1 hierarchy categories are displayed from Aerials to Vocational Trucks, etc. Clicking on one of these level-1 category tiles, e.g. a Bucket Truck, will take the user to the level-2 hierarchy which will display the next level of categories such as, Distribution Bucket Trucks, Telecom Bucket Trucks and Transmission Bucket Trucks. By clicking on a level-2 category tile, e.g., Distribution Bucket Trucks, all the search results for Distribution Bucket Trucks will be displayed for this category.

Level-One Category Tiles

Search Filters - Need to refine your search even further? Not a problem - with our thousands of filter attributes, the user is able to drill down even further and zoom in on a specific piece of equipment by selecting one or more filters to be included on their desired search result. When the user selects specific filter options, e.g. Platform Height [36 ft, 37 ft, 40 ft, etc.], Insulated [No, Yes], Material Handling [No, Yes], etc. the user is able to, through a process of elimination, narrow it down to an exact product match or narrower group of product matches for what they are searching for.

Filter Search-1

Comparison Search - This features allows the user to select up to three pieces of equipment from the search results, and compare all the equipment attributes side-by-side, enabling the user to further narrow their search by comparing their short list of product specifications against each other.

Comparison Search 2

Side-by-Side Comparison

Comparison Search