What are the benefits of becoming a registered user?

Registered users can access the My Account section, where they can view reports, manage contract pricing rates, handle invoices and payments, and enjoy other new features.

Being a registered user gives the user access to a selection of reports such as financial, operational, parts, service, and more. As new reports are periodically introduced, they are added to the appropriate reporting categories.  Admin users will have full access to all categories and can request viewing limitations for their non-authorized users from accessing certain reporting categories. The report section includes a feature that allows users to schedule emailed reports to their inboxes on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Several new reporting features such as a dashboard with KPIs, visual reports, and interactive reports are being built out and will be added as they are completed.

Report 1

Additionally, registered users are able to view their contract pricing rates on all rental equipment, versus non-registered users that will only be able to view the web/retail rate.

Registered Rates

Many other exciting features and functionalities are currently being developed and added every month, so stay tuned!