How to Access the Online E-Catalog

Our E-Catalog allows you to access online part manuals for our cranes, booms, and other vehicles. The E-Catalog allows anyone to obtain the information they need to repair and places parts for their trucks, as well as order parts.

The E-Catalog is an invaluable tool when it comes to locating, identifying and ordering additional parts of a vehicle built by Custom Truck One Source. To initially access the E-Catalog you need to select the [PARTS] option from our top menu on any page of our website.


E-Catalog Parts Top Menu


Once on our [PARTS PAGE] you can scroll down below the initial fold and select [E-CATALOG] from the options presented by clicking on the Start browsing> option.


E-Catalog Parts Below Fold

Once you've clicked on the Start browsing> option you'll be presented with our [PARTS E-CATALOG] featuring part catalogs for most of our most popular vehicle models. For demonstration purposes we'll be choosing to browse the part catalogs for our Load King Stinger 10-47 Boom Truck which can be found under [LOAD KING BOOM TRUCKS]. If you are looking for the catalog for a specific model, you can search for it from the [SEARCH BAR] or find it by browsing by [CATEGORY].


E-Catalog Whole


Upon choosing a [CATEGORY] such as [LOAD KING BOOM TRUCKS] you should see the options of several different models to choose from. For demonstration purposes we'll be selecting the Load King Stinger 10-47 Boom Truck by choosing the [STINGER 10-47] card.


E-Catalog lktrucks


Upon entering the [STINGER 10-47] section, as in most sections dedicated to individual vehicles; we'll have several options to choose from including [UPPER STRUCTURE], [LOWER STRUCTURE], [OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT], [PAINT & MARKING], [MANUALS], and [RECOMMENDED SPARE PARTS].  Upon clicking one of these options we'll see several options including documentation, manuals, and technical drawings with information and order options for replacement parts. For demonstration purposes we'll choose [UPPER STRUCTURE] twice.


E-Catalog stinger

E-Catalog stinger-upper

Within the parts document we will see an overview of the part with a technical drawing and a listing of sub-items that make up the part as well as how many items are needed to build the complete part. Here we can add any of these sub-items to our cart by clicking the [CART ICON] in the listing.  


E-Catalog stinger-upper 2

Upon clicking the [CART ICON] you will have the option to keep browsing or finish the checkout process to purchase said part. 


To finish your purchase of your desired parts, continue the checkout process and your part will be sent to you as soon as possible.


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