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How to Buy Now or Make an Offer

The new CTOS Marketplace provides customers the ability to list and sell their used equipment with quick, convenient, and low-cost offerings to buyers like yourself.

Equipment can be purchased at the listed price, or you can make your own offer. Custom Truck One Source will sell the Marketplace item to the highest bidder. Here’s how to start:

Step 1: Create a Free Account

To help improve your buying experience, we recommend that you create a free account. Once registered, users can manage and track all offers inside the Buyer’s Console within their accounts. Users also need to go through the Buyer Verification process, which grants bidding privileges.

CTOS Register

Step 2: Browse Marketplace Inventory

Start browsing equipment on the CTOS Marketplace instantly. Marketplace listings are blue and also notated with a blue Marketplace badge and a Buy Now option. To view Marketplace-only equipment, simply check CTOS Marketplace under the Buying Type filter (on the left side of your screen when browsing).

Browsing Marketplace

Step 3: Buy Now or Make an Offer

When you click on a product to view more details, you will have the ability to either Buy Now or Make an Offer. After clicking Buy Now, you must agree to our terms and conditions and agree to pay the listed amount plus any applicable fees. If you would rather make an offer, simply input your offer into the field provided and click MAKE OFFER. Please note that you must be registered and go through the Buyer Verification process to make offers or Buy Now.

Marketplace Listing

Step 4: Manage Buy Nows and Offers in the Buyer’s Console

Under My Account, click on Marketplace. Here you will find the Buyer’s Console where you can manage and track all offers and any equipment you’ve agreed to Buy Now. If you run into any issues within the Customer Portal, please reach out to portal@customtruck.com.