Auction FAQs

These are frequently asked questions you might have regarding the CTOS Auctions.

When are the next auctions? 

Click here to view a list of upcoming auctions. 

Does my Marketplace bidding limit get me access to the CTOS Auctions?

Bidding limits from CTOS Marketplace are separate from CTOS Auctions. However, If you have already submitted a bank letter, email and we will grant CTOS Auctions bidding privileges. 

How do I register to bid?

Click here to register. If you already have an account, visit MY MARKETPLACE & AUCTIONS under the My Account menu. Under the Buyers menu, click Verify Auctions Bidding Account. Once verified, you are registered to bid in any CTOS auction.

If you enter a credit card to confirm your identity, your card will NOT be charged. 

Is there a buyer's fee?

Yes. A 12% buyer's fee applies on all sales and will max out at $21,000 per unit (unit sale price of $175,000).

Can I physically see the equipment?

Yes. Please submit a request to and we will connect you with the location contact.

What do I do after winning an item?

You will receive an invoice via email at the conclusion of the auction. Once that invoice is paid, we will issue you a gate pass with pickup information. 

How do I pay for an item?

We accept payment by wire transfer, certified/cashier's check, or via our financing offerings (learn more).

How long do I have to pay for an item? 

All items must be paid for within 5 business days of winning the item. 

When can I pick up my item?

You may pick up an item once it has been paid in full and you receive proof that payment has been received.

How do I pick up an item?

Once we receive payment for an item, you will be given a gate pass. The gate pass will provide the location address and contact to pick up the equipment. Please contact the location 24 hours in advance to pick up the item and provide them with the gate pass as your release ticket.

Do you charge taxes on auction items? 

Yes, applicable taxes are charged and reflected on your invoice.

Can I submit a tax exemption?

Yes, please email exemptions to

How do I sell in an upcoming auction?

Click here and fill out the form if you are interested in selling your equipment through CTOS Auctions.

How do I get paid? 

A wire transfer or check will be issued 14 banking days post-sale once payment has been received on our end.

Do you offer transportation?

Yes, a transportation quote can be requested here.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. If a warranty is applicable, a warranty icon will be displayed on the equipment detail page. Coverage can be found here. 

What do I do if I have an issue with my item?

Please email all issues with documentation, VIN, and photographs of issues to